Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wow! I'm getting married...again!

Some people collect knick knacks, some collect stamps, myself...I collect in laws.  This was not an intended hobby, it just happened to find me!   I have 2 father-in-laws, 2 mother-in-laws, 2 brother-in-laws, one sister-in-law and now I am gaining 2 more sister-in-laws.'s uneven.  Somehow I have to find a brother for my fiance'.  I really do not want to get married a fourth time to even out my collection.   What a dilemma!!

I am the first person to make fun of myself regarding my multiple marriages.  I feel it puts people at ease regarding the subject.  I always pictured myself as the girl who would marry in her early 20's, have 2 kids and a dog (picket fence optional), and live happily ever after rocking my years away on the front porch with my wrinkled little husband.  Didn't quite happen that way.  I cannot totally blame the ex husbands for the failures either. Well, I could I guess but that would not be fair.  Fact is, in both my marriages, the only common denominator is me.  I played my part; I fully admit it.  I did gain something from those experiences.  First and foremost, I gained two beautiful children who fill my heart with a love that is unexplained unless you have children.  Secondly, I have gained wisdom.  I have learned more about myself...who I am and what I want in this life.  My hope is that this will prepare me for this upcoming life change.  I hope that my past failures lead me to a great success.

My fiance' asked me to marry him a week ago.  I have already picked out the colors, my dress, the type of flowers I want, a general idea of the reception menu, and the wedding court.  We are looking for a place to get married and someone to officiate.  Is officiate the right term?  Sounds a little like a ballgame.  People think that I have been planning all along, but I have not.  The engagement was a complete surprise.  Fact is, when you have been married as many times as I have, it is easier to pick out what you have not used as opposed to what you are going to use!  Actually, my 7 year old daughter and I sat down and talked about it.  She picked out the colors and the do NOT tell me it is difficult planning a wedding because I will quickly tell you that even a 7 year old can do it!   My son is going to give me away and my daughter is going to be my maid of honor.  Every time I picture this I get a bit misty eyed, I cannot believe I am this blessed.

They say third time's charm.  Maybe there is something to that, but I don't think so.  I think it just took us a little longer to find each other.  I think we had things to work out in our lives first, things to heal from and grow from.  I love this man with everything in my heart and I am marrying him for all of the right reasons.  So what if my collection is gives it character!

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