Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Generation of Gamers...

When I say the word "gamer," most people picture an awkward teenager, sitting in his/her room glued to a television set and feverishly maneuvering the controls OR you may also picture most any man under the age of 35.  There is a new generation of gamers out there and they are more obsessed, more serious than any other generation.  I call it...The Farmville Fiends!!!  If you have a facebook account, you know what I am talking about.  Posting upon posting of bushels of corn for sale, adopt a deer, rewards for composting  everywhere!  Now before I offend anyone I must admit...I too have a farm in Farmville, so I speak from experience.

My farm is AMAZING!  It has a Swiss Chalet, Farmhouse, Library (my avatar likes to read), Schoolhouse (she also believes in higher education), Winery (did I mention she is a lush) and livestock.  I have built a pigpen, dairy barn, nursery barn and horse stable with my own two hands!!  Well, that and several clicks of a mouse.  My winery is thriving...I sell several bottles a day and make quite alot of money.  I try to raise crops that I know people will need to buy for their businesses.  If I'm going to farm I want to be profitable!  Ooops, sorry...I keep forgetting this isn't real.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, you plant your crops from seed and harvest when ready.  Sometimes this takes two hours, sometimes two days.  If you do not harvest them in time, they wither and you lose money.  I have almost been late to work harvesting cranberries!  Fiance:  "Baby, aren't you going to be late for work?" Me:  "I'm hurrying, I have to harvest my cranberries for my Sweet Sake!!"  Fiance:  " know that's not real..."  Dang it!!  I keep forgetting!! 

I know Farmville is not real, but surely it's close.  I mean sometimes my hand cramps from clicking those crops to harvest, especially if my Harvester is out of gas and I have to do it buy hand.  Whew!!  Now that is what I call hard work.  Farming is a tough life.

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