Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evil Lurks Behind the Door...

I approached the darkened house cautiously, a low thunder rolled in the distance.  As an uneasy wind whistled, I fumbled for my keys.  There was an overwhelming sense of evil in the air that sent shivers down my spine.  I could sense that something was a miss, something was wrong.  I entered the door into the darkened house.  I tried to turn on the switch but it wasn't working.  The uneasiness grew, I could feel my heart beating rapidly.  I must face what is inside, of that I am sure.  I fumble through the kitchen until I find the lighter.  The light gives an eerie glow, but somehow it offers a sense of relief.  I begin to descend  down the steps to the basement.  The light aids with the steps but the corners look darker than usual.  The shadows are difficult to make out, I say a prayer to myself.  Behind the door is where I must go to face what is on the other side.  Slowly, I turn the knob and ease the door open.  I shine the light inside...No...No...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE laundry?  Stupid laundry.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A House Divided!

There are several different things that can divide a household such as; politics, religion, and financial handling just to name a few.  What divides my household you might ask?  College sports!  I am a die hard Kentucky Wildcat fan and my fiance' is a die hard Louisville Cardinal fan.  Anyone who is familiar with the rivalry can attest that it is deep rooted.  One would almost believe that we are doomed from the start!  Since this is a potentially volatile situation, I have come up with some ideas to help keep the peace in our relationship:

I bought two Christmas ornaments, one UK and one U of L to hang on our tree.  I really have no idea how his became a doggy chew toy.  That is just a shame!  Oh well, my UK one will still look pretty.

I am putting out garden flags to support both teams.  My UK flag will be in the flower garden in the front yard.  I placed his Louisville flag in a special place as well...see it over there in the backyard behind the storage building?  Doesn't it look great?

On game day we support our favorite team by wearing our favorite team shirt.  I wear my blue and white proudly!  What??  How did bleach get on his new Louisville hoodie!??!  Wonders never cease.

I will watch my UK games in the living room and he will watch his Louisville games in the den.  How did the cord get cut off of the television in the den?  Now that is a mystery.

I am very proud of myself for making this effort to not let this rivalry get in the way of such a beautiful relationship.  I am confident that once these "coincidences" work themselves out, all will be well. (walks away whistling innocently)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Lessons in Humility...

I once said that I would never color my hair when it turned gray.  Ah, the silly things we say in our youth.  Little did I know how unruly gray hair was!  I thought gray hair was just regular hair turned, well, turned gray.  No, no, no...gray hair is a completely different texture and for some odd reason, it is curly!  What the heck is that about??!!  The second these crazy little things began to show up, I began to hide them.  Thus began my experiment with hair color!

For the most part, I choose a color that is close to my natural color...a medium brown.  I sometimes step out of the box and go a shade darker, sometimes I go with a little bronze tint.  Oooooooooo...I know how to live on the edge!  This time I was going to go red, how exciting!  I absolutely LOVE red hair, LOVE it!!  My kids have red hair, my brother has red hair, my fiance' has...well...he's bald, but at one time he had red hair!  I went to the hair care aisle at the department store and began studying the colors.  Ah, Cinnaberry!  That sounds nice.  The picture on the box was a beautiful auburn color; I'm sure mine will turn out just like that!!!  Well, maybe.

I applied the hair color and waited anxiously for the results.  Oh this is going to look great, I just knew it!!  Interesting how the hair color looks purple when I am applying it, no matter, I'm sure it will look fine once it's finished.  I rinse and condition, this is so exciting!!!  Wow, that tub water looks a bit purple, oh it's fine I'm sure.

Burgundy.  Yep.  That is what my hair color is, an interesting shade of Burgundy!!!  I come out of the bathroom and my son begins to laugh, "I thought it was supposed to be red!"  He is a very observant child.  "I think my hair is burgundy."  My daughter chimes in, "I like burgundy Mom, it's better than gray."  She does have a point.  Maybe I just need to get used to it.

The kids and I take a trip to visit my parents.  As we sit on the back porch enjoying the fall day, my kids and my mother begin choosing foliage that matches my hair color.  "Look at those leaves, they are the same color as your hair.  Oooo, so are those!"  And they wonder why I don't visit more often. 

The good news is that this is only a twenty-eight day rinse.  After that I can go back to my usual medium brown.  Until then I can consider myself a fall decoration!  Like my daughter said, it's better than gray!!