Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Survive College When You're Older Than Your Professors...

I am beginning my second semester back in college.  This is very exciting for me!  I last attended college in 1995, 15 years ago!  I was nervous at first, afraid of failure.  The academics came back to me fairly quickly.  What a relief!  Then I began to notice that all of the professors had gotten younger!  Wait a aren't OLDER!!!!  (pause for screaming in terror) I also noticed that many of my classmates were born the same year I graduated high school, making me old enough to be their mother. (pause for more screaming in terror)  This made me stand out somewhat, instead of being just another sophomore, I am the old chic.  That makes me shiver a little-the old chic.  I cannot deny the fact that I am 20 years older than most of my classmates, nor that I am the same age or older than many of my professors.  What I can do is not add to the stereotype.  I have noted a few survival tips to make me seem less old:

When commenting in class, do not start out a comment with, "When I was your age..."  Not cool.

Just because the professor is the same age as you, does not mean that he/she sees you as an equal.  Do NOT high five them. 

Do not adopt the fashions of the campus females.  They are young and look like an idiot.

Do not get upset with your fellow classmates and their new age political views. They're so cute when they're communists! 

Try to only go up and down stairways when they are full of people. The sound of your knees cracking is just disturbing.

Embrace your inner nerd!  Speak out in class and show the world that middle-aged wisdom!

Just a few tips I have learned, not that I have actually done any of these things...


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  2. Keep the posts coming! You are an exceptional writer! At last, a cousin I can actually claim!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I work with Ken and I've been reading your blogs. These are really good. You might want to check into submitting these to some women's magazines like Ladies Home Journal or Woman's Day.