Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy,busy, busy...

With the Christmas season at full peak, it reminds of the busyness of our lives.  It seems we just don't have time for anything anymore.  No one visits or even knows their neighbors and our hands would probably fall off if we tried to write a letter.  Our lives are filled with so much to must be that we are doing extremely important things...filling our days with such constructive activities that we MUST be changing our world for the better.  Three hours of facebook is very important to...uh...well...our...uh...gimme a second.  It's important for socialization, yeah that's it!!!  I mean remember when we used to visit people and talk on the front porch?  Suckers.  And who has time to clean our house and take care of yard work when there is a Law & Order marathon on????  We have to take time for that!!!  Law & Order is educational...that is EXACTLY what it's like in the real world, especially in a small town like Winchester!  You want me to volunteer??!!  WHAT!!!!  Did you not see that UK is playing???? Idiot.  We're too busy to cook, instead we fix our food in a microwave and yell, "Hurry up!!!!"  There is no time to wait!  I have to update my status before Law & Order comes on!!!  I'm busy!!   

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