Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is Social Networking a Bad Thing...  Love it.  When I approached this in the beginning, I thought it was a great way to share pictures of my family and my growing children.  I also liked to use my status updates as a way of making people laugh, a form of entertainment.  What I discovered was a platform for people to insult my beliefs, my political stance, everything about me!  Sometimes it takes everything inside of me to not argue back or prove them wrong.  But I don't.  I just scroll on and look for more recipes and kid pictures.  I really hate election time when it seems like everyone thinks they will sway my vote by posting propaganda all over the place.  In case you are one of those won't.  I am educated, I am informed, nothing you say can or will persuade me otherwise.  I make it a point to post nothing that shows my political affiliation.  I do, however, post things that make fun of both sides because...well let's face it...both sides are pretty hilarious. 

I think what bothers me most is the anger and resentment I sometimes feel.  I have, at times, felt so degraded by so-called "friends" that I have "deleted" them because, seriously, who needs that??  Remember when we used to talk on the phone or meet at a restaurant or hang-out?  Remember when we had an ounce of decorum when we stated an opinion?  With social networking comes a blind courage.  A courage normally not shown except through the use of tequila.  When you are staring at a monitor, it is so easy to just spill your opinions, insults, whatever for the whole wide world to see.  Face to face it is not quite so easy.  You may still do it, but you may also get punched in the nose.  It is so much easier to run your mouth when no one is staring at you.  That is how I try to approach my replies, statuses, disagreements...would I say this to your face?  That does not make me a coward if I would not.  Sometimes it is best to leave things to yourself.  If you want to challenge me, face to face, let's go.  I won't back down.  But aren't we all entitled to our own opinion?  If you think differently than me...who cares??  I don't.  You have your reasons and I have mine.  Respect that!  Geez.

I miss sitting on my front porch and talking to my neighbors.  I miss phone calls about the day's adventures.  I miss respect and discussion without insult.  Some say the art of conversation is dead.  I tend to agree.  If not dead, then dying a slow agonizing death.  There IS an art to discussing opposing opinions, an art to discussing the world's problems without degrading someone else's opinions.  An art to just...talking.  Step...away...from a friend.  Meet them for lunch.  Sit on your porch.  Talk!

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