Saturday, November 24, 2012

Technology Is Waaaay Cool...

Well, I'm back.  It has been awhile since I have written in my blog.  Did you miss me?  See it was like computer crashed and the monitor was going bad and beyond repair.  My husband's computer works, but did not support the program the blog uses for me to update it.  It was very frustrating during the election.  MAN I had some good stuff! Oh well, I'll save it in the archives of my brain along with birthdays and grocery dang, it's gone.  Good news is we purchased a new computer!  This thing is AMAZING!  It has Windows 8 which is awesome and new or something and as soon as my 12 year old son comes home, I am hoping he will show me how it works.  The screen is as big as a TV screen which is great right now because I can make these letters HUGE and can actually see them.  Who would have thought??  Supposedly this thing has a touch screen...I tried to advance my page and knocked over my glass of wine. (google stain removal later)  Guess I need to read up more on that.  I haven't figured out how to type on a document yet...I guess there is a generic program in there somewhere, I'd look for it but I'm afraid of knocking my wine over again.  I have Microsoft Office somewhere that I could install.  I think it is somewhere near my birthday and grocery list and by my election material.  Geez!  Am I going to be one of those old people at the library taking a computer class??   I used to know this stuff man!  I was taught word processing on a Radio Shack Tandy dammit!!  And yes, we called it word processing, don't ask.  Oh no...will I have to start writing on notebook paper?  With a pen??  Noooooooooo!  Ok, I gotta calm down.  I can learn this.  Technology is my friend, technology is my friend... Anyway, technology is waaay cool now, just wish I was!   

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