Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview Questions That I Hate...

Looking for a new job is taxing to say the least.  I really dislike the entire process, especially filling out applications...Yuck!!  But eventually, all of the time you have put into your resume' and your job application pays off and you are called for an interview...Yes!!  Personally, I prepare for an interview by thinking of possible interview questions and how I could possibly answer them...or should I I could possibly fabricate an answer that seems somewhat truthful.  Don't judge me!  You know you do it too!  I mean let's get real, some of these questions are just ridiculous.  For example...

Question:  How do you handle a policy change in your company that you do not agree with or like? 
The right answer would probably be...I would go to my superior and ask questions and try to better understand the policy...or...I really feel I am flexible with change and roll with the punches.
Truth:  I complain in the breakroom with everyone else until I finally just get used to it and accept it.

Question:  Tell me how you handled a difficult or unhappy client?
This one isn't so bad because most of us can pull an example where a successful ending came into play and an angry/unhappy client walked away satisfied. never share the...
Truth:  I told him I am not arguing with you anymore about this, that's the rule, stop cussing at me, I do not get paid enough for that!!

Question:  How do you handle working with a difficult coworker?
The right answer would probably be that I try to find a common ground or I make sure I am being helpful and offering support.
Truth:  I tell them to get their ass back to their desk or I will go in the breakroom and spit on their lunch!!

Question:  What is your favorite animal and why?
This was an actual questioned that a friend of mine was asked in an interview.  I have no idea what the right answer would be but there are several answers to be had...
Truth:  I like pythons because they choke their prey.  I like tigers because they eat their prey.  I like cats because they are quiet and can sneak up on people.  I like birds because they can poop on people's heads...seriously I could go on forever.

Question:  What is your greatest weakness?
My favorite answer that I have heard is, "I really can't think of any right now."  That one is golden!  Probably the best answer would be something about how you are too hard on yourself or that you could always be more organized, blah, blah, blah...
Truth:  When I get stressed out, a fountain of cuss words flow from my mouth that can only be rivaled by the oldest sailor at the darkest dock.

Be honest in your interviews...but much like my husband's selective.

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