Monday, October 24, 2011

I Don't Forget...What Were We Talking About?

Our memory is a funny thing.  There once was a time when I would go to the store for a gallon of milk and I'll be dang if I didn't come home with a gallon of milk!  Amazing...isn't it?  Now I go to the store for milk and I come home with make-up, dog food, hand soap and God knows what else...EXCEPT milk.  Sigh.  I forget what I walked into a room for, forget what I was going to say, forget my lunch, forget's a wonder I remember to get dressed in the morning.  What day are your school fees due again?  You needed which report by when?  Did I pay the electric bill?  Did I let the dog out?  It's really a never ending issue...

EXCEPT... when it comes to relationships.  I may forget where I put my keys but I can tell you exactly what my husband said three months ago when we agreed to go to my family reunion!  Not only that...I know where he was standing, what he was wearing, what we ate for dinner that night, and how the weather was that day.  What??  You didn't know that I had plans for us to take the kids to the zoo and you want to golf??  Of course you knew!  I was standing by the sink, you were by the refrigerator, you had on your blue polo that had a stain from the spaghetti we had just eaten, and there was a storm watch out.  How could you not remember that??? It was only six months ago!  GOSH!!!  Now go cancel your golf outing, we're going to the zoo...Huh?  What milk?

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