Monday, March 7, 2011

Compliments or Cannibalism

Ever notice how we use some strange phrases to express ourselves!  If you are especially fond of someone, you might say, "I love them to death!!"  Wow...this is a good thing?  Last time someone attempted to love me to death, I became single!  When I see a cute baby I say, "Ooooooooooo...I just want to eat his face!!!"  That's a bit disturbing.  When you enjoy someone's company, you might say, "Oh, I could just eat her up!"  Seriously, I would prefer a sandwich.  Is this flattery or are we just hungry?

Another funny thing that is popular to say in the south is to follow all insults with, "Bless his/her heart" or "God love him/her."  It seems to take the sting out of comments that might otherwise be considered harsh.  It's one thing to say, "Jane's new boyfriend is ugly."  But when you say, "Have you seen Jane's new boyfriend?  God love him he is ugly."  It's almost as though you feel his pain.  "Leroy is dumb" or "Bless Leroy's heart he is a dumb one."  Leroy may not be very smart but darn it I feel for him, don't you?  Southerners have a way of insulting you without you even knowing you have been insulted...God love'em.

Just the other day I was in the grocery where I saw the sweetest baby.  Ooooooooooo...I could have eat her face she was so pretty!  Her three year old brother was so sweet I could have sopped him up with a biscuit!!  But then the parents turned around and God love their hearts, they were not good looking people.  I started a conversation with them, the mother was a sweet young woman but her husband, bless his heart, was dumber than a can worms.  I guess its a good thing they can make pretty babies, God love them.  I'm so glad I have you to tell these things too.  I love you so much...I could just eat you up!!!

That's good...right?

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